Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to request supporting materials including brochures, sample press releases, sample sponsor materials and more. We’ve helped other communities start with small programs and seen them expand to 100% community coverage. 

Also check out our media section to see examples of the File of Life program at work nationwide.

Helping almost 5,000 communities throughout the U.S.

File of Life programs have been implemented in almost 5,000 communities throughout the U.S. It is currently in over 14 million homes nationwide.

If you are starting a community File of Life program, first determine the quantities of File of Life products necessary. Your local electric utility can provide the exact number of households; Town or City Clerks can provide the number of residents.

For community-wide coverage, plan on one refrigerator magnet and one door decal for each household and one personal size for each resident. One insert card is included with each refrigerator magnet so you will need to order additional cards for the number of residents that exceed the number of households.

If a full community-wide program seems too ambitious initially, start with the most at-risk population segment, seniors, and expand the program over a period of time to include the entire community. A good source of volunteer help for coordinating File of Life products are Senior Citizen Centers.

Once you have an estimate of total File of Life program costs, decide how many sponsors you feel will be needed to fully fund the project. If possible, set up a fundraising committee and appoint an individual to take charge of the solicitation effort. Ideally, also ask local media to announce that the File of Life program will soon be implemented in your community and that sponsorships are available. Ask your local Chamber of Commerce for an opportunity to present the concept at their next meeting. Consider any and all civic organizations including Lions, Rotary, Jaycees, etc. We can provide suitable hand-out material for presentations.

When approaching a potential sponsor, be sure to remind them that their name and logo will appear in every household in the community. They are not only helping their community but they are receiving valuable exposure on a daily basis.

Some potential sponsors include:

  • Police, Fire and Sheriff’s Departments
  • Senior Citizen Centers and Agencies
  • Hospitals, HMO’s & Ambulance Companies
  • Banks, Insurance Companies and Agencies
  • Every Commercial Business that Advertises

Consider which sponsors may also act as distribution points once the program has started. Media sponsors can also promote the program.

If you would like to plan a “Program Kick-Off Day”:

For orders featuring our standard medical card, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of all File of Life supplies. For custom card orders, please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

Select the File of Life program kick-off date and location and then get everyone involved! The start of the File of Life program is definitely a high profile media event. If at all possible, pick a date and location where another crowd-generating event is planned.

Set up a written schedule of events and/or a general press release to be distributed to all local media outlets, including TV, radio, and newspapers, well in advance of the date. Contact Police, Sheriffs, Fire, and EMTs to attend, preferably with rescue equipment on display. A demonstration of EMT rescue techniques would also be appropriate. Include Senior Citizens Groups, TRIAD, SALT, Hospital ER/Medical personnel and as many other civic groups as you can contact. Invite the File of Life program sponsors and introduce them during the proceedings.

Show your community you care about their safety – add your signature touch to the File of Life!

The File of Life is a perfect platform for demonstrating your commitment to the health and safety of your community.

Our custom cards can be designed to include your name, logo, or slogan on the top fold of the card that will be visible to everyone. We can imprint any text or image, in any colors, on both the magnetic and personal size versions of the File of Life. Your information will be available to everyone in your community who has the File of Life in their home or wallet. They will know that you proudly support emergency preparedness. Sponsoring your local File of Life program and displaying your signature on these lifesaving products shows your community that you believe in prompt, quality medical care for everyone.

The File of Life has proudly designed custom cards to represent all kinds of sponsors and program participants, including:

  • Civic organizations
  • City officials, during their campaigns and in office
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Senior housing communities and associations
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • News stations
  • Police/Fire/EMS Departments

… and a variety of local businesses

Take a look at our custom design options on our Purchase page. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with questions.


Let us work with you on creating the perfect custom card that best reflects you and your support for lifesaving ideas in your community.