We love receiving testimonials about the File of Life. Recently, we received this one below. Stories like this are the reason we are so proud of what we do. Thank you for sharing this, Patrick!

“In the last year, two of my co-workers had medical issues, one survived, one didn’t. They were home alone, and the wife of one was on the phone with him when it went silent, and had to race home. I had a stroke a little over a year ago, completely recovered. I picked up a FOL from my local police/fire department, and it’s on my fridge. I picked them up for my elderly in-laws and neighbors. Instead of having a first responder show up, and not have any information, I now feel better knowing my medical history and contact information for my spouse and kids and doctors are available to them should I be alone during an emergency. Seconds saves lives, and the File of Life does that. Every town should have a provider, an emergency team, hospital ER, service organization, to purchase these and distribute. Every house should have them.”

Please, send us more of your experiences with the File of Life program – either as a first responder or a patient!