Would you like to receive some free samples of our signature products? Want to see more custom card designs? Need to show your potential sponsors examples of the product they will be funding?

One of the best ways to sell the program to your sponsors is to let them see the product firsthand. Or perhaps you may want to set up an informational presentation and need some materials to get you started.

Fill out the form and we will gladly send you a free package that includes:

  • Our refrigerator magnet pouch with standard card insert
  • Our personal size pouch with standard card insert
  • Several examples of customized cards with various logos, colors and designs
  • Our ‘Benefit Sheet’ – a concise list of the most significant benefits of the File of Life program and general instructions for preparing your medical card insert
  • Informational brochures about the File of Life
  • One window decal

If you are an individual who wants to know where you can pick up a free File of Life for yourself or several for your whole family, let us know and we can look up the closest participating location in your area.

Online Sample Package Request Form